Singing the No News Blues…

23 Jun

No news yet regarding whether we have been registered this month…We are still hopeful we will have been registered in a region before the end of this month…5 more business days left in this month…

(this image is a photoshop work by Alan for a “blues” mock-album he did as a present for our brother-in-law one Christmas. Sorry! There’s no real music that goes with this album. Just the front cover and a back cover with made-up song titles. Our dog hates being photographed so this joke was at her expense, I’m afraid).


One Response to “Singing the No News Blues…”

  1. Dinia Warren June 25, 2008 at 4:18 am #

    Hi Heather!

    Just read your comment on our blog site and wanted to let you know that Ron and I have nothing to do with adoption agencies. We are just a couple of emptynesters currently living in Moscow that have an interest in international adoption. It has been a real joy to meet adoptive parents as they come into Russia looking to adopt. We have taken the future adoptive parents to the local outdoor craft market, shown them how to use the metro, buy an internatinal phone card, check out the local grocery store, etc. Great fun for us! Please feel free to get back in touch with us as you get closer to travel! We would love to meet you and hear your stories of adopting. If by some chance we are not in Moscow when you travel I am certain I can connect you with an expat tht would like to be of assistance.

    All the best to you as you work towards making a difference in the life of a orphan child here in Russia!



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