Maria’s Miracle Fund…

22 May

Our adoption agency, America World, has posted a memorial to Steven Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth Chapman’s little girl, Maria, who tragically died yesterday. From America World: “What better way than to give to the agency the Chapmans created to bring more precious lives home like Maria? So, at this time, we encourage all of you to give to Shaohannah’s Hope. They have created a special fund in memory of her called the Maria’s Miracle Fund.” Shaohannah’s Hope gives grants to families adopting and helps to encourage Christians to support orphans world-wide.

To read more of America World’s post read,

To read the special blog set up by the Chapman family in memory of Maria, visit:

Today, Shaohannah’s Hope sent out an email to those who are signed up for prayer requests/updates: “Obviously, we cherish your prayers for all in the Chapman family, please continue to pray for:

– God’s comfort and healing for the whole family, that He would be near to them and they would find refuge in the shadow of His wings

– The church to lift them up in prayer, word, and deed, helping them to bear the burden of this tragic loss

– God to work in glorious ways to quickly pour out His redemption, grace, and peace to all affected by this heartbreaking situation.”


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