Update…My Tapestry is Still a Work in Progress!

14 Apr

I’ve postponed putting the cold hard figures here on how much we may still need financially for this adoption.  If you look at our chipin (see right side bar), you’ll see that once upon a time I estimated that we might need about $30,000 more to cover our adoption expenses.  Once we are registered in a region, the region will determine some of our costs, as will the times of year that we travel to Russia.  My math may be flawed but my latest figures (not including the $1200 tax rebate  for which we qualify) project that we still lack  an estimated $24,170.58 to $39,945.58.  Whoah!  Those figures look really really scary to me at this moment with job insecurity! 

 I share them today because I want be open (as much as I can) about this journey…We have known from the get-go that a miracle (or two) would be involved in this adoption…Now the possible size of the miracle of God’s provision seems bigger to me because of a difficulty I encountered at work in the last week. 

 We have submitted grants and continue to do so in the hopes that we might be chosen for some financial aid.  We cut back on our expenses at home and still can scrape and save some more on our own.  Alan has made a CD of him playing Christian music to sell.  I continue to sale children’s books and Arbonne products here and there to help make a little money to add to our savings.  We are having a yard sale on Derby weekend to help raise a little more.  We have brainstormed about other fundraising events but have not planned any others as of yet.  We also continue to be blessed by the generosity of friends and family members.

 I’m so thankful that God is somehow going to work something beautiful out of this! It all  makes sense to Him and I don’t have to muddle my head over this!   I love the image of my life as a tapestry which does not look that great when you are just looking at the underside.  When the top of the tapestry is finally revealed, God’s wonderful handiwork will be revealed…some of these hard times of waiting and financial insecurity may be some of the most beautiful areas of that tapestry…I must remember to yield to God’s loving hand as He refines me through the difficulties…I think I read this description in Streams in the Desert…not sure… 

On a random note, Carole King also has a song from the 70s that plays with the imagery of our lives as a tapestry.  It says:

 “My life has been a tapestry
Of rich and royal hue;
An everlasting vision
Of the ever-changing view;
A wond’rous woven magic
In bits of blue and gold;
A tapestry to feel and see;
Impossible to hold.”

We appreciate your continued prayers as we wait to be registered in a region and as we trust in God’s financial provision for the adoption of our little one.  We thank God in advance for how wonderfully He is going to provide for us to help us bring our child home from Russia…We pray also for our little one’s well being and that we will be able to recognize him/her as the one God has chosen for us when we receive his/her referral.  We pray that God will hold our baby in His loving arms and keep him/her safe until we can bring him/her home to love and care for…

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One Response to “Update…My Tapestry is Still a Work in Progress!”

  1. Pam April 16, 2008 at 4:12 am #

    I just wanted to encourage you on the financial side. We are on our second adoption (adopting two this time) and God has amazed us each time with how God provides. He has humbled us at times as we too had to be very honest about our need. We ran into a few naysayers, but for the most part, we saw people pour out their hearts to help us. Many times I tried to figure out where the money would come from, and I was always wrong! God will provide, and many times, he does so at the last minute. It’s not in your power, but God’s.
    Pam Freeman (AWAA Group)

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