Registration Within a Few Months…

9 Apr

Our family coordinator’s phone message today suggested that we may be registered within the next few months…This sounds hopeful!  We ask for prayers that we will be assigned to the region where God has our little one… and that it will happen soon.

Please also pray that God will help us to get all our ducks in a row so we’ll be ready by the time we receive our referral…and pray that we will have wisdom and discernment to recognize our child.  There is a real possibility that we may not feel led to accept our first referral of a child(we will consult with a doctor who specializes in international adoption).  I’m hoping and praying that our first referral will be the one but am aware that this is just not how it always happens.  We really appreciate any prayers you can say as we near the possibility of this next step–registration (and referral).   (By the way, the duck clipart courtesy of the children’s book company, Usborne Books at Home, for which I sell books as an adoption fundraiser.  See link in right tool bar).


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One Response to “Registration Within a Few Months…”

  1. matt & carla morgan April 9, 2008 at 12:39 am #

    I will definitely be praying for you guys. I hope you get YOUR referral very soon.


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