Not Much Action…

2 Apr

again today…I received my 2nd hepatitis shot (this was a combined one for hep. a and hep. b).  I won’t be due for another hepatitis shot for 6 months.  I’m hoping that we will have received the referral of our child before then.  I may get a tetanus shot(combined with vaccine for whooping cough) later in the month when Alan gets his 2nd hepatitis shot. 

There is absolutely no word on the adoption front….We are starting to plan a yard sale for a fundraiser.  We continue to read up on adoptive parenting.

My work situation is stressful right now in that I still don’t know if I’ll have a job next school year.  Please pray for me as I wait on an interview and as I am considered to permanently fill the teaching position in which I’ve been since 2006 (as a temporary).


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