Mailbox Miracle…

28 Mar

Wow!  What a wonderful trip it was to the mailbox today!  I found an amazingly generous check from two family members we love dearly….It more than provides for the goal I’d established for this month…a goal that God led me to set up and which has only been shared number-wise with my husband.  Don’t get me wrong…we still have a ways to go before we have enough to cover all our adoption expenses yet to come, but I believe God will provide as He has so faithfully provided for us thus far!

Also waiting in the mailbox was the newspaper a local mega-church publishes and the cover story is on the miracle of adoption.  I do believe God has lifted my spirits today and confirmed yet again that He has imprinted the call to adopt on our hearts.

Shopping update:  There was no white crib at the consignment sale.  We did buy a child monitor set which looks unused. 

Random Note:  I found out today that “gotcha day,” which is celebrated by adoptive families, has a little different meaning than I thought.  I just thought it was the day that the parents officially got their child.  I just read that “gotcha” is German for “gift of God.”  My German friend, Elena, who reads this blog needs to correct me if my source of information is wrong.

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