A Path Thro’ Our Red Sea…

3 Mar

I want to share a favorite excerpt from Streams in the Desert. It really spoke to me today. I know that others are in times of waiting in their lives. I hope it will also encourage you…

The psalmist said, “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” (Ps. 27:13). He had not yet seen the Lord’s answer to his prayers, but he was confident that he would see, and his confidence sustained him.

Faith that believes it will see, will keep us from becoming discouraged. We will laugh at seemingly impossible situations while we watch with delight to see how God is going to open a path through our Red Sea. It is in these places of severe testing, with no human way out of our difficulty, that our faith grows and is strengthened.

Dear troubled one, have you been waiting for God to work during long nights and weary days, fearing you have been forgotten? Lift up your head and begin praising Him right now for the deliverance that is on its way to you.

My Red Sea may be different from yours today but I hope that you will take heart that God has not forgotten you or me. In time, He will provide a way out of our difficulties.

This morning my mind started to wander to the question of why we haven’t been able to start our family the way that so many seem to do so easily around us…Thankfully, by turning to praising God, I was reminded of how wonderfully blessed we are that God has chosen this path for us. It IS God’s Plan A for us; don’t think for a moment that we see adoption as second best. The wait is just sometimes tiring and we are sometimes overwhelmed by the obstacles that still lie between us and our child. We feel privileged that God has chosen us to bear the awesome responsibility of parenting a child… period. Every child is a gift and while our paper pregnancy may come closer to resembling the time span of an elephant rather than a human, it is planned by God and is no less precious and dear a time of preparation and dreaming.

Please continue to pray that God will take care of our little one and that we may meet him/her soon. (4-7 month wait is projected). Please also pray that God will be wonderfully glorified through the way that He provides for the financial burden of our adoption(it’s a major Red Sea at which I’m laughing “while watch(ing) with delight to see how God is going to open a path!

We received another gift from friends whom I made during my previous career. We so appreciate those friends’ gift which will help to give a Russian orphan the blessing of a forever family.

Thanks for stopping by…


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