In Russia…

29 Feb

According to our family coordinator, we can assume that our dossier made it safely to Russia. I guess it must have made it there sometime during the week or so after Valentine’s Day. If it is immediately translated into Russian, that would mean it would be done by the middle of March, I think. I’m just relieved that it is on Russian turf! Once the calendar changes to March, our projected wait will change to about 4-7 months…

I am now reading Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft. I’ll try to write some about this book and the 4 other adoption related books (!) I’ve read since Christmas.

I’m also trying to re-read a book I read in college on Russia. It was written in the 1970s so it deals with the former Soviet Union, but it was used by our professor (and rightly so) to give us an idea of the Russian people and their culture. I honestly think that some things have not changed since the Soviet Union’s fall in that they were characteristics of the Russian people and their culture, not just tied to the Soviet government. I’ll try to also share some insights and wonder-ifs from that book. Maybe some of you who have already been to Russia can chime in when I talk about the Russian people and culture (please in a kind, general way).

Since this adoption is so expensive, I’m thinking that I will have to give up my dream of also visiting St. Petersburg while we are in Russia(I have been dying to see the re-created Amber Room since I read a book on the mystery of the original Amber Room a few years ago). I definitely still want to visit some sites related to the Romanoffs so if you have visited Russia and have pointers on sites near Moscow related to their history, please let me know.

Yes, I was a history major in college as well as an English major which explains why this entry is saturated in musings on books and history.

Thanks for stopping by!


One Response to “In Russia…”

  1. Marie February 29, 2008 at 1:12 pm #

    Congrats on your dossier being registered in Russia. I hope you receive a referral soon!

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