Things That Make You Go “HUH?”

17 Feb

Okay, I’ve read beforethat pre-adoptive parents need to take new money when they go to Russia.  I just read a parent’s comment that she took $4000 in 100’s and $1000 in 20’s. Then for spending, I took $500 in a few 20’s, mostly 10’s and a few 5’s. They came back with about $300.00.  OUCH!!  I need to do some research because I think part of that amount includes a fee to the orphanage.  Still, it is pretty frightening at the moment to see that figure.  This is not including the cost of airline tickets and I don’t know if it includes what the parent spent on hotels.  It will be a MAJOR doing of God when we are able to successfully go on our first trip to Russia 5-8 months (projected time) from now. 

If you feel led to give, please feel free to use the options listed in the side bar or contact us directly.  We can help you to get a tax deduction for your donation.

MORE THAN ANYTHING, we ask for you to pray for our little one in Russia.  Please pray for her/his well-being.  We are so excited that God has called us to be this little one’s parents.  We give God the glory that He is going to join us and a little one so many miles away into a family.  If you are not familiar with why we chose Russia (or rather why God has given us a heart for Russia), please click on the link at the top of this page.

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One Response to “Things That Make You Go “HUH?””

  1. Lori February 25, 2008 at 8:22 pm #

    All of this money is included in the fee schedule!!! On trip one you hand over close to $3000 in fees…orphanage, transportation, etc. you also pay for your hotel and meals. You can eat fairly cheaply but the hotels are what they are. In Kras, the hotel takes credit cards and in Moscow as well. You do need to have brand new bills though…order them ahead of time and keep them in a safe deposit box…some banks take a long time to get new money in…Let me know if you have other questions:0)

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