13 Feb

Here’s a photo from early January when I was collating the papers of our dossier.  After I collated them, we mailed 3 copies plus 1 set of originals to our adoption agency, America World. The second photo shows how thick the stack of papers were that we mailed to the agency.

January marked the beginning of our waiting time for a registration into a region and a referral.  However, we have been waiting for a child since summer 2006 when we first began to seriously think about starting a family.

We learned that it is not necessarily something that you just choose to do and TADA!! you have a child.  We have learned just how precious it is to be given the gift of a child–be it by adoption or birth.

Waiting…such a recurring theme in my life that I find myself re-reading my copy of Streams in the Desert year after year.  I first received it in February 2001.  Only God knew how much I’d need the insights and Scripture it contained in 2001-2003 as I faced a personal attack against my good name.   Since 2005, I have waited upon the Lord for a permanent job, and now I wait for a little one so many miles away…If you have not read this devotional book, I highly recommend it as you face waiting times or struggles in your life. 

Here is an excerpt that spoke to my heart today:   

 Delayed answers to God are not refusals.  Many prayers are received and recorded, yet underneath are the words, “My time has not yet come.”  God has a fixed time and an ordained purpose, and He who controls the limits of our lives also determines the time of our deliverance.” 

I know there are many families right now praying for court dates so that they can return to Russia to bring their children home.  Please remember that God has heard your prayers and He has not refused you.  His perfect timing for you to bring home your children is not yet come….BUT is coming.  I do pray that those waiting on court dates will be given dates soon.  But even if the court dates don’t come as soon as we’d like, I pray that we will all trust in God’s perfect plan for us and our children and that we will allow God to be glorified through our waiting time….


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