8 Feb

I’m not really sure what this means for our wait time, but I was told yesterday that there are 25 people or couples ahead of us.  The wait is still projected at 6-9 months for the referral and first trip.

I’m going to send off our I-171H to get apostilled today.

Otherwise, there’s no adoption news.  This weekend, I’ll try to post some photos and just some personal thoughts on our waiting time



One Response to “Update…”

  1. Alisa Martin February 8, 2008 at 9:15 pm #

    Hi Heather –
    We’re the couple pursuing Ethiopia & China adoptions…justed wanted to give you the low-down on our situation:
    We were LID with China though AWAA 7/07 and were given an approx wait of 22-24 mos. But this past fall China announced they would allow for concurrent adoptions (b/c the wait is so long & it isn’t going to speed up anytime soon). The concurrent process is complicated and includes a very specific time line. Families who are too far into the China-wait are not eligible for cc adoptions.
    We had to apply w/AWAA to adopt concurrently, then we had to apply with AWAAs Ethiopia program. There are no reduced rates b/c we’re pursuing 2 adoptions…everything is the same. The only area that we saved $ is with our home study. We were able to ammend our original, but still had to pay a fee.
    To my knowledge this is a special situation permitted only by China…I do not know of any other countries who permit cc adoptions – you would have to check w/AWAA.
    Our Ethiopia adoption will take about a year, and we’ll still have a 2-3 year wait for China.

    Hope this helps…feel free to contact me any time!

    Blessings to you!

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