Oops…Dossier is NOT in the Big Apple Yet!

4 Feb

I thought that it was going to be sent but the little correction with the homestudy report, I think, held it up from being sent when the Dr. was actually in NYC.  The Dr. will return to NYC Feb. 14th, and our dossier will be sent to NYC so it reaches the city around that time. America World adds the families to the list according to when the dossier would have been mailed to the Dr., as if the Dr. were in NYC.  So the dossiers are listed in the order that we receive them(I don’t know where we are on this list).  I have been told that this will not delay anything in our process since all the dossiers remain in Moscow until registration.  

TOnce the Dr. reviews our dossier, the Dr. sends them to Moscow to be translated by the representatives there.  The translation usually only takes about 2 weeks and we will not be notified when this stage of the process is complete.

After translation, the dossiers will stay in Moscow until ready to be registered into a region.  We will be notified when our dossier is actually being registered in a region. 

Based on this new knowledge/clarification, our prayer request is that the Dr. will quickly review our dossier this month and that there will be no problems with the paperwork.  We also pray that our dossier will be sent to Moscow safely for translation as soon as possible this month.



2 Responses to “Oops…Dossier is NOT in the Big Apple Yet!”

  1. Julie E February 6, 2008 at 3:31 am #

    Hey, your blog continues to answer my questions on whats next. Thanks! We submitted our dossier today and so it should go with your to Moscow! Isn’t it exciting!

  2. Mom February 6, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    Everything seems to be progressing according to plan. Of course the Lord’s timing and schedule is always right. He is preparing you both, as well as us grandparents, for the awesome event soon to come. Our hearts rejoice as we have this image in our mind. Our prayers continue to place that precious and selected little one right in your arms at the appointed moment in time. May God continue to work in your lives and the minds and hearts of all who touch that paperwork as it is sent to Russia. God has been preparing that little one for you. He will finish the work which He has begun. May our testimony always give Him the glory and praise. All our love and prayers

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