U.S.C.I.S Approval Letter Arrives!

3 Feb

We received an important document, our USCIS approval letter.  This letter and the form that we received with it will be vital to our adopting and bringing home our child from Russia.

I also have been told by a fellow adoptive parent that the dossier is probably still in the U.S.   I’m doublechecking with our coordinator because I think I had written in my notes that it would be translated once it arrived in Russia.  The fellow adoptive parent thinks that our coordinator will let us know once the dossier is mailed to Russia.  I have no clue how long the actual translation will take.  Our coordinator did tell us that we are looking at a 6-9 month estimated wait once our dossier is sent to the America World office (it was sent in January).  Of course, there could be changes in Russia’s government and policies which could affect our adoption.  However, it is wonderful to think there is a possibility that we may have our little one home by Christmas. 

We received a donation from a friend and her husband who know me through my previous job as a museum director.  We are so appreciative of their generosity! 

We ask that our friends and family (if you are reading this I do count you as a blog friend even if we’ve never met!) continue to pray for our dossier to be safely sent to Russia and translated.  We pray that it will be registered in the region God has chosen for us…We also pray that God will provide us with wisdom and discernment to recognize our child when he/she is referred to us.  When we do receive a referral, we will be consulting with a doctor who specialized in international adoption pediatric medicine.

If you do feel led to give a donation to our adoption fund, please feel free to use our links or contact me directly for info. on how we can make it a tax deductible donation, if that concerns you.

Thanks again for stopping by!



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