And they’re off…

22 Jan

Two things are off today.  (1) The corrected homestudy report was sent off to Indy yesterday and should be received by the authentication office this morning! 

(2)  Also OFF is school!  Due to snow and slick roads, I am home today.  I am going to meet up with Alan in Louisville before 12 today so that we can have our fingerprints done for USCIS. 

We are looking into taking online classes from  Our agency recommended this resource.  I know very little about Hague and how it relates to international adoption.  I do know that it seems most international agencies are gradually requiring 10 hours (I think) of adoption training on Hague approved topics.  Our agency does not require it, but we think it would help us out as we prepare to be first-time parents.  We will receive certificates that I assume we could use if we ever are required to have Hague training in this adoption process or if we adopt again.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our dossier as it nears its “departure time” for Moscow!


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