20 Jan

We went to Louisville for our fingerprints (for USCIS) yesterday only to find all the doors locked to the building!  Finally, I looked at our information sheet again only to find that the appointment is for Tuesday.  I felt like a ditz!  I think we looked at the sheet when it came (which was right when we returned from our 2 week Christmas extravaganza with family and then did not look at a calendar).  So I will have to leave school on Tuesday to meet up with Alan in Louisville for our fingerprints appointment (which hopefully will not take long) and then return to finish the school day. 

Alan is going to try to reach the homestudy agency tomorow but it is probably closed due to the holiday.  I am anxious to send the corrected homestudy report off to be apostilled.

Today, I had some moments at church of being pretty down and feeling disappointed in others (just sensing a longing to feel community).  I had some prayer time and prayed for God to help me.  I prayed what I sometimes pray, that God will hold me in his arms and hug me when there’s no one there to physically hug me.  I do believe God can give us that sense of being hugged and touched when we are alone.  He helped to bolster my strength.  My hubbie also helped by later hugging me and giving me a glass of lemonade.  I returned to the service and later was touched by the sense of community I felt when some precious church members talked to me.  At least 2 of them were less than 12 years old and 1 was at most 16 years old.   I also had some interaction with a parent who has adopted 2 children internationally and another lady who has been a friend to both of us for a couple of years.  Oh my goodness!  How precious God is to provide those little moments that made me feel more human(we do innately have a desire to connect with each other and with our Creator) and more connected to my fellow humans!  I so needed to just have a few reassuring, kind words and God certainly blessed me with them.

An update on our adoption fundraising/saving:  We are currently starting applications for grants for funds to go towards our adoption expenses.  We lack about $27,000 based on the cost estimates given by our agency.  The figures may end up a little more or less dependent on the region we end up registered in and time factors.  If anyone is concerned about giving because they want to get an income tax reduction, please let me know and we will give you information on a way to make it tax-deductible.  Some of the grants we are applying for are matching grants ones so we will definitely post it here if we do, in fact, receive one of those grants.

My post was just interrupted by a totally unrelated subject:  a hawk was spotted in our backyard having lunch.  We live in a subdivision in a small rural town, but I would not expect to see a hawk chowing down in our backyard which lacks cover.  Oh well!  We do have our little exciting moments here! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!  I will try to post some photos soon to show our dossier and to liven up the blog a bit.


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