The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

14 Jan

the good:  America World should receive our dossier tomorrow morning and it should (please pray that it looks okay!) be sent to Dr in NY this week.  After Dr reviews it, it will be sent to Moscow for translation.

the bad:  The translation fee increased $300.

the ugly:  The foreign fee for our adoption increased $2000…

Please pray that our dossier looks okay so that it can be sent to the other reviewer this week.  Pray that it looks okay to him too and that it will be safely sent to Moscow for translation.

As for the expenses,  what’s a few more thousand to God?  It is going to totally be a miracle when we are able to bring home a little one from Russia and if this is God’s will a few more thousand is not going to stand in the way.  As for how we are going to pay for the expenses, I can only think of it one step at a time and trust that it will happen. 

If you do feel led to give, you are welcome to do so.  There are giving options on this page or you may contact me through my email to obtain our mailing address.

Thanks for visiting 🙂


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