It was a dark and stormy afternoon…

10 Jan

quarter.gifquarter.gifquarter.gifwhen I drove to Office Depot today to make copies of our Indiana and Kentucky apostilles.  It was foggy and rainy which was not ideal driving weather, but I was so ready to finish the initial dossier that I trudged on.   Now, we have to collate our four sets of documents.  The originals plus three copies will go to America World (hopefully tomorrow!) and we will keep one copy for ourselves.

quarter.gifquarter.gifquarter.gifI had a little girl in my class say to me today, “Mrs. Brandt, can I give some money for your adoption?”  She held out 4 quarters.  Today was snack cart at school so I guess she’d been given extra money by her parents to spend.  What a sweetheart!  I believe God can truly multiply her gift (which is small in the eyes of the world) just like He did the little boy’s five fish and two loaves.  No, I don’t think money is magically going to appear tonight, but I do think it is a sign of God’s working in our adoption when a little girl gives of herself so freely.  

 My teaching job is not permanent as of now but I pray that it will be permanent so I can continue to teach this child and the others in my class.  It has been a privilege and a joy (most of the time!) to teach them so far this year.  They have known about our adoption decision since October.  I hope that I will still be their teacher when I am finally able to share with them news of the little one that God has chosen for us because I know they will be eager to celebrate with me 🙂

Today’s prayer requests:

  • Please pray that the initial dossier paperwork is okay and that it will safely travel to Virginia, to the Dr., and ultimately to Moscow.  I read a nightmare story of someone with another agency who discovered that the mail service lost their dossier (or rather someone opened it up looking for money) en route to Russia. 
  • Pray also that the next few steps will go smoothly and quickly so that our dossier can be sent to Moscow for translation and so that we can be registered in a region soon, according to God’s will.

One Response to “It was a dark and stormy afternoon…”

  1. Julie January 11, 2008 at 1:02 am #

    Hey Heather, I found your blog from the AWAA Russia group and have followed your blog. So happy for you. We are almost there to as we send our paperwork to be apostilled Monday in Texas. I’ll be praying for you that all goes smoothly.

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