They’re Here…

9 Jan

Yes, the apostilled papers are back from Indy!  Now I just need to make copies of the apostille (page).  It looks very different from the Kentucky apostille page.  The Indiana one looks…uh…cheaper because it is a scanned page that they use.  The Kentucky one looks more expensive (thicker paper and more official looking) which is okay since I actually had to pay for the Kentucky apostilles.  Thankfully the Indiana apostilles were as cheap as they look (Indiana please do not take offense because I really do appreciate the price tag!):  $0!

 After I make the copies of the apostilled pages for Indiana and Kentucky (I also forgot to make a copy of my two Kentucky documents before they were apostilled.  Oops!), I will assemble this motley crew of paperwork and mail it to America World with some moula.  We will be paying the biggest chunk of money that we have paid as of yet for adoption expenses.  Praise the Lord that we have already been given this money!  I will post again when the paperwork is mailed and arrives in Virginia at America World. 

We received a few Russian-themed Christmas gifts this year.  One is an illustrated children’s book of the traditional Russian folk tale about a Turnip.  The book is called A Little Story About a Big Turnip. The story is retold by Russian-born author Tatiana Zunshine and illustrated by Russian artist Evgeny Antonenkov.  The book was purchased with a matryoshka to go along with the story.  To see these toys and other Russian toys, check out the website,  The site is operated by a super nice American family who has adopted children from Russia.

We ask for your continued prayers as we get even closer to having our dossier sent to Russia.  May God continue to prepare us to be fit parents for the child who waits for us so many miles away.  May this adoption–our match with the child, our finances, our paperwork, involvement with the Russian court system and govt, and travels–all be to God’s glory.


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