On Their Way…to Indy!

4 Jan
Yahoo!  I sent our Indiana notarized documents to the Indiana Secretary of State by UPS today.  After they are apostilled, I will make copies of the apostille pages and add those to the copies of documents I made yesterday.  Then, the originals plus 3 copies will be mailed to America World, reviewed, and then sent to the Dr. for review (the Dr. is how I will refer to America World’s person who will forward our dossier to Russia and help to get it registered in a region, etc.).I will be so relieved once the initial dossier leaves Indiana because, for the most part, the process will be totally out of our hands.  We will then begin our wait for a referral.  I seem to spend a lot of my life waiting–over 2 years now for a teaching job!  Surely, with God’s help, I can handle the estimated wait time of 6-12 months.

Continue to pray for God’s financial provision.  I crunched the numbers based on America World’s projected costs and after our next set of fees, there may be as much as $32,000 standing between us and bringing our little one home.  This is way out of our league!  Thankfully, there is NOTHING too hard for our God!


One Response to “On Their Way…to Indy!”

  1. Lori January 9, 2008 at 3:59 pm #

    YEA!!! You are on your way!

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