Almost Ready to Apostille!!!

2 Jan

Alan is picking up our LAST notarized document from our homestudy agency TODAY.  I am soooooooooo thrilled!!  Now, I can make the 4 copies of each document that we have notarized for Indiana and I can (hopefully) mail them by UPS to the Secretary of State of Indiana this week for the apostilles. 

YAHOOO!!! This will be a major step towards filing our dossier.  We’ll keep you posted on this!

MEANWHILE…in Russia, businesses are closed and people are busy celebrating New Year’s.  This is a bigger deal than Christmas in Russia.  I am at this very moment imagining our little boy or girl dressed warmly and sleeping soundly (because I think that it is night when it is day here.  I know there is a major time zone difference and there are several time zones in Russia!).  This baby has no clue how much his/her mommy is longing for him/her today and hoping and praying that she will get to enjoy Christmastime with her little one in 2008.

Please continue to pray for our little one’s health and well-being…Pray that God will also remove all obstacles (financial and otherwise) that stand between us and this precious child.  That He will miraculously bring our family together in 2008!


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