Update on the Time Frame of the Adoption…

21 Dec

I found out today that we need to redo 2 notarized forms.  Not a big deal, though.  Then, we will copy all the notarized forms BEFORE we send them to be apostilled (4 copies each).  Once they are notarized, I just need to copy the apostille page for each a total of 4 times and match it to the previously made set of papers.  I mail the apostilled original documents plus 3 copies to America World and keep a set for myself.  Whew!  I will be spending most of my last week of Winter Break with a copying machine. ha ha! 

America World will forward the documents to the doctor who helps to lead the adoption program for them.  He will forward them to Moscow for translation into Russia.  We won’t know once the translation is finished.  America World will be notified 6-9 months (estimate) when our dossier is registered in a region (the doctor makes this decision based on our request, availability of children, etc.).  Once we find out that we are registered in a region, it is likely to take about 2 weeks before we receive a referral.  If we accept the referral, we will make our first trip to Russia about 1 to 2 weeks later.

I hope this gives our family, friends, and other blog readers a sense of our time frame for this adoption.  Since we put that we are open to either gender, this will speed up the process (it could be as long as 12 months if we had specified we were only open to a girl).  Based on the availability of children in Russia at this time, we are probably going to be referred a little boy.  We have requested a child 0-18 months old (in Russia, they have to have been in the system for 9 months).  At time of referral, our little one is probably going to be 9 to 18 months old.  By the time we are able to bring them home, the child will be closer to 2 years old, more than likely.

So maybe, just maybe, we all can start praying that we will be able to bring our little one home by Christmas 2008.  It’s very exciting to think about this as Christmas draws near. 

We appreciate your continued prayers that the paperwork, apostilling, etc. will all go smoothly so that we can get our dossier registered soon.


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