Twenty Kids?!?

21 Dec

This article is an amazing story of a family who has adopted 20 children, mostly from Russia.  No, there is no way that Alan and I would ever be able to do this financially or mentally!  It is an inspiring story of how God has blessed this family and continues to do so.

In our adoption news, we think we have finished notarizing the rest of our documents for the initial dossier.  We have faxed them to America World to see how they look.  We are waiting on another notarized document from our homestudy agency. (AGGGGGH)  We still need to print out our photos from our photo pages in the dossier.  I’m still hopeful that I can work on apostilling our documents during the first week of January.  I don’t have a sense of how long it will take these documents to be translated into Russian, and I still don’t know how long of a wait it will be before the dossier is registered in Russia.  When we have a clearer understanding of this, we will post it here.

Please pray that we receive word that the notarized documents are okay and that no other papers need to be redone by our homestudy agency.  Pray that we will  be able to get the documents apostilled during the first week of January so that we can make copies and send the initial dossier to America World.


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