Signed…(Soon to be) Sealed…and Delivered?

17 Dec

Yay!  We found someone at my school corporation’s office who can notarize some paperwork for us tomorrow.  Then, we will be able to fax it to America World to review on Wednesday.  I’m still hoping to get everything ready for mailing to the Secretary of State so I can easily take care of that after New Year’s (during my week off before school resumes). 

I enjoyed coffee with a friend yesterday.  She and I have known each other since I began my previous career as a museum director.  She is an adoptive mother of 3 and it was interesting to sit down with her for the first time and talk to her about the adoption.  She adopted in the late 60s so her experience is different but her struggle to become a parent is something I now can relate to.  She gave us a kind donation towards our adoption expenses, and most important of all, her continued prayers.

It still is overwhelming to me if I dwell on the thought of the adoption expenses for very long.  I always wanted at least 3 children and now it seems such a challenge to imagine potentially financing  3 adoptions in the coming years.  However, anything is possible with God and I must refocus myself on Him and not waste time in the “what ifs.”  If God has called us (and we do believe He has) to adopt this child we have yet to meet in Russia, He will provide the means to pay for the cost of bringing the child home.  And if God does call us to adopt again, I must trust that He will take care of us then, too.  Yes, I can work hard at getting paperwork done and researching and planning for the adoption but ultimately it is so in God’s hand and out of our hands. 

 Please continue to pray for us as we try to finish this stage of paperwork so that our dossier can be completed and filed in Russia.  Pray that God will be glorified in His financial provision for us in this journey, as well.


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