Notarizing and Photos…

17 Dec

Sorry that I can’t think of more exciting titles for this post!  The past couple of weeks have been slow news weeks for the adoption process.  We have papers that we are going to get notarized this week.  We are still waiting on one document from the homestudy agency which they are responsible for notarizing.  Once we have notarized our stack, we are going to fax them to America World to make sure all looks okay.   Our next adventure will be apostilling the whole stack of notarized documents with the Secretary of State for Indiana.  Some folks actually drive to the Secretary of States office and have the apostilling done.  We already apostilled a couple of documents in Kentucky through UPS mailing and I think I will probably do this for our Indiana documents.  It doesn’t look likely that we will send off documents to be apostilled until after Christmas.  Please pray that we will get our notarizations done this week and that all will be ready for us to apostille after Christmas.

Today, we are going to take the picture of the baby’s future room which we keep putting off.  We also have to arrange several required photos onto paper so they are ready for the dossier.

During the waiting times of my life (and they seem to come at me pretty persistently), I have appreciated the devotional, Streams in the Desert.  This week, I read (for the umpteenth time!) one that blessed me during the stress of the last few weeks and the uncertainty of how long it will be before we are registered in Russia.  I am sharing this special passage with you:

“Sometimes the darkness in our lives is worse, because we cannot even see the web we are weaving or understand what we are doing.  Therefore we are unable to see any beauty or any possible good arising from our experience.  Yet if we are faithful to forge ahead and “if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9, The Bible), someday we will know that the most exquisite work of our lives was done during those days when it was the darkest.

If you seem to be living in deep darkness because God is working in strange and mysterious ways, do not be afraid. Simply go forward in faith and and in love, never doubting Him.  He is watching and and will bring goodness and beauty from all your pain and tears.”

May God bless each of you during this season in which we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth.


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