Down Week for Adoption Journey

1 Dec

This was a discouraging week for us.  Our homestudy was begun October 1, 2007.  The agency mailed us notarized & signed copies of our final homestudy report.  We had previously submitted corrections to them, as did our international adoption agency.  The final copies did not incorporate all the corrections and even had our name misspelled and the incorrect social security number for me.  I have notified both agencies of these problems.  Alan hand delivered the corrections to the homestudy agency and we are hoping they will issue a corrected copy soon that we can review before they notarize it and sign it again.  I have not had a response from either agency as of today (I contacted them Thursday).  If they have not responded by my birthday (Tuesday!), we will contact them again. 

I did not expect this step to be so challenging.  We have already paid in full for the homestudy.  Please pray that we will have the homestudy report finalized without errors by the end of next week (December 7th).   Since my birthday prayer for our passports was long ago granted, I am now hoping and praying for the birthday gift of the homestudy being complete!

We have everything ready to submit our application to USCIS but I have been waiting until we knew for sure that the homestudy was being mailed to them.  I have contacted the Indiana office to see if we can go ahead and mail it with the expectation that the homestudy report will be mailed soon to their office.

We also ask for continued prayers for God to be glorified through our adoption process and for His financial provision for the adoption. 

I can’t believe that there may be a little one with us next Christmas time!  He or she is likely already born so please do pray for God to hold this precious one in His arms and take care of him/her until we are able to bring him/her home.

God bless each of you read our blog and say a prayer on our behalf! 


One Response to “Down Week for Adoption Journey”

  1. Michelle December 2, 2007 at 7:41 pm #

    I hope you get your homestudy soon! How frustrating!

    P.S. Happy (early) Birthday! Mine is tomorrow. 🙂

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