Post-Thanksgiving Updates

27 Nov

I have been told that a signed, notarized copy of our home study report is being sent today to Indianapolis’ USCIS office.  I haven’t yet seen the final home study report, which which will also need to be included in our dossier for Russia. 

So, this week, we are getting the money order for the USCIS along with our application and copies of important documents.  It can take a few months the process this application but the USCIS application is not required for our Russia dossier (pre-file).  That means that we can go ahead and proceed with completing our Russia dossier instead of sitting around waiting on the USCIS. 

Whew!!!  I prefer activity to inactivity when it comes to the adoption journey.  However, I realize that there may lots of waiting ahead of us, even after the dossier is submitted to Russia.

When we submit our dossier to America World, we will be required to also submit about $5000 in fees.  I’d love to do this before Christmas but right now I don’t know if we can financially swing it.  Please pray that God will provide the money we need to complete these next steps in our adoption journey. 

 If you do feel led to give, please see the options in the toolbar on the right of this screen.  You can also contribute by purchasing holiday gifts through Arbonne (they have lots of great holiday ideas, like foot and body lotions, candles, and body scrubs.)   You are also welcome to donate directly to our fund.  We feel blessed by the generosity of those friends and family members who have given so far.  We also feel incredibly blessed by any of you who have said prayers in our name.  This is definitely a God-thing; we can not fathom going through this adoption journey towards parenthood without God’s direction and strength!

By the way, this cute shirt is from the website,  It says, “Expecting from Russia” on it.  They have other neat shirts which celebrate the adoption journey and the blessing of adoption


2 Responses to “Post-Thanksgiving Updates”

  1. Debbie November 28, 2007 at 10:16 pm #

    Found you site on FRUA (I think).
    Looks like you’re moving along very quickly. I hope you’re able to submit your dossier soon.

  2. Christine November 29, 2007 at 3:48 pm #

    Love the shirt. Do they have one that says, “Expecting from Ukraine!”

    Hope you get a referral soon! 🙂

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