Homestudy Update

21 Nov

Supposedly, the homestudy written report is being finalized this week.  We were required to pay our 2nd/final payment to the local agency who has been doing our homestudy. 

Here’s a little excerpt from a book I read about a year or so ago.  The book is called The Key to a Loving Heart by Karen Burton Mains.  I think it was published in the 1970s or 1980s.  I found it today written on a notecard stuck in another one of my devotional books and it spoke to me again today.

“Relax, rest in the confidence that He (God) knows what He is about.  The blueprints are in His hands.  Don’t leave until He has finished His task.  Sit yourself down under the vine shade.  Let it tendril and curl about you until it becomes rooted in your being, entrwined in your soul, until symbiosis has been achieved.  Waiting for God, resting in Him, is the hardest form of prayer.  It is a wordless communication that reminds us we are not ultimately in control of our lives.  There is no thought, no machination, no endeavor that will force God to show His hand.  Waiting is the acknowledgement that it is God who has the final word.  It is admitting that we cannot do it by ourselves.”

Yep!  After trying to conceive a child for over 1 year and 1/2 with no success, I have had to face that God is in control of designing our family.  Even with adoption, I know we face uncertainties, but I do feel strongly today that we are following God’s plan for designing our family.  We believe that He will provide our child in His own perfect time and way.  We joyfully look foward to the day that He answers our prayer to be the parents of the sweet child He has chosen for us.  We thank God in advance for how wonderfully He will provide for us on this journey to parenthood.


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