Updates for 11/13

14 Nov

Our homestudy is in the process of being corrected.  I’m trying to make sure that I understand what we do next for the U.S. Immigration application.

Someone today who is using America World and is farther along in the adoption process compared trusting God to provide financially for us to when we are little kids and we travel with our Daddy.  We get fed, we end up at our destination and all because our Daddy is taking care of us and knows better than we know as kids. 

  It has been almost 1 year and a half since we felt led to try to become parents.  Our efforts have not been successful by the worldly standard of conceiving a biological child.  However, we are not disappointed at this.  We are excited at the adventure of journeying (with Father God) to parenthood through the adoption process.  While there may be some delays or “potholes” (sorry for running with this road/travel comparison!) along the way, we believe that God will stay with us for the duration of the trip and will provide for our needs–short-term as well as long-term ones. 

We look forward to our sweet one that God has already chosen for our family and ask that you will continue to pray for him/her as he/she lives far away from us.


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