Homestudy Rough Draft Finished!

8 Nov

We just received the rough draft of our homestudy today.  It is 10 pages.  I honestly did not know how long it would be.  I  kind of imagined it being as long as junior year (of college) history paper.  Guess not!

I’m a little nervous at the thought of reading it.  I know that is silly!  However, it is a little weird to read what an outsider has written about Alan and me, our lives, our personalities, and our parenting prospectives!  Can you imagine if every one who had a baby had to go through this?

We are still requesting prayers that Alan’s passport come in the mail soon.  Please pray that it will come in the mail before the homestudy is finalized (which hopefully will be done by next Friday).  As soon as we have the homestudy finished, we can apply to U.S. Immigration (I don’t think we have to have our passports for it).  Once we have his passport, we can finish the paperwork for our dossier and get it reviewed by America World.  Then, our paperwork can be apostilled by IN’s Secretary of State.  At that point, we will be ready to have our dossier translated and submitted to Russia.

Please pray for us as we enter this next stage of paperwork.  Pray for us to easily get all paperwork completed and apostilled.  Pray for God’s financial provision of the money that we need to pay for our next steps in this process.

As always, I ask for prayers for our little one’s health and well-being.  We are requesting a boy or a girl who is 0-18 months old at the time of referral.  (They may end up being older by the time we meet them on the first trip).  We thank you for your continued prayer and support.


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