We’re Clear…

6 Nov

I just found out our background checks were received by the homestudy agency yesterday.  Now, the social worker should have all she needs to complete the rough draft of the homestudy.

Please pray that she is able to finish the rough draft of the homestudy by the end of next week, November 16th.  That way, America World can review the rough draft before Thanksgiving and hopefully we can submit our application to U.S. Immigration before my birthday, Dec. 4th.

This blog posting is interrupted to make a special announcement…

I just checked my email and the homestudy agency says that the social worker has a rough draft ready which is going to be reviewed today by another staff member.  Then, it will be ready to send for review to America World.

SO we can disregard the prayer request about the rough draft!  God has answered!  Now, we just need to pray that the final copy of the homestudy will be completed soon and will contain all the info. needed to help us easily adopt the little one God has planned for us.

Thanks for all your continued prayer and support!

Alan’s passport has still not arrived but we are hoping and praying that it will arrive soon, since his application was submitted on the same day as mine.


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