Passport Arrives in ONLY 14 Days!!!!

2 Nov

passport-clipart.jpgI just talked to a co-worker today who told me his passport renewal only took 16 days.  He encouraged me to be hopeful that we would get our passports back quickly.  Lo and behold, mine was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon from school.  Hopefully, Alan’s will come tomorrow or very shortly afterwards, since we submitted our applications on the same day, October 19th.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we received my passport back in ONLY 14 DAYS at regular cost (we did not pay to expedite our passports which is supposed to speed up the process for double the price!)

Praise God because this is an answer to prayer!  A passport may seem a small thing to some people but for me it is a reminder that God is with us in our adoption process….it reassures me that He will provide for us financially so that we can bring our little one home.

We also were given another donation by a family member which helps with our pending expenses.  We have not heard anything from the homestudy agency about the background checks so our homestudy finalization and our U.S. Immigration application are still on hold. 

Please continue to pray that our background checks will be given to our homestudy agency soon.  Let’s pray that they receive them next week so that our homestudy rough draft can be finished and submitted for feedback to America World.

We also appreciate your continued prayers for the baby’s health and for God’s financial provision for the expensive process of bringing him/her home.


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