Fingerprint Set #1…Done!

23 Oct

We were fingerprinted for our homestudy and our background checks came back clear!  Now, we need to finish a financial form for our homestudy agency which is giving us some problems.  All paperwork is in for our homestudy after that.  Yay! 

 Referrals are coming fast and furiously for some of the people registered with our adoption agency. Once we get our dossier finished and filed in Russia (yes, I’m still dreaming of finishing it by Christmas.  Keep praying for our passports to be sent to us in record-breaking time!), it may take a lot less time than we had anticipated for a referral of Baby Boy Brandt or Baby Girl Brandt.

 Please be in prayer for our baby!  There’s a chance the baby is born or will be born shortly.  Pray for our child’s health and well-being…that the baby will be held and taken good care of while we are trying to jump through the hurdles that separate us from him/her.  Pray also that God will provide for us financially and spiritually as we continue this process.  We are trusting that God will provide us with the necessary money (which we totally do not have so He’s got lots of room for a BIG miracle!) to bring home this little one.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our journey.  Our adoption agency’s web site has weekly updates which will give you a feel for adoption status in Russia,


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