Apostille What?!?

12 Oct

We are getting to know this word very well.  It is still very difficult to pronounce.   ([uhpos-til] is the way most professionals in the offices of the Secretary of States or in the offices of adoption agencies say the word. At dictionary.com, it is defined as “a marginal note on a letter or other paper; an annotation.”  My understanding is that it is some official mark or seal or stamp issued by the Secretary of State (of Kentucky, for example) on notarized papers to make them super official.  I don’t know if people apostille documents for anything other than foreign governments….

Today, I got the notary’s signature verified at Jefferson County’s Clerk’s office.  Then, I mailed the 2 Kentucky issued documents (A’s letter of employment & our marriage license) to the Secretary of State of KY to apostille…I was strongly encouraged to send it by UPS or some method other than plain old business mail.  SO I used UPS and included a pre-addressed pre-paid postage label…Whew!!!  Only our Indiana documents to finish and apostille.  At least the Secretary of State in Indiana apostilles for free and does not require verification (which costs in KY).

I had my vision tested today, and it’s not as bad as the nurse made out at my physical this week.  I still need new glasses though.

 I’m going to try to take my driver’s license written test tomorrow.  Indiana requires this when you have been issued a license in another state.  I have put this off way too long.  I can’t get my passport or fingerprinted for the homestudy without my Indiana license(I want everything to be consistent for Russia and an Indiana address and a KY driver’s license is not a good thing).  Please pray that I pass this test….I know some of you are laughing at me at this very moment.  I really am paranoid about this test.  I did fine on it when I was 15 but that has been over 15 years ago and was in a different century in a different state!

Please remember that you are welcome to  donate to our adoption fund through purchases (see links) or through monetary donations. 

 Most of all, however, we ask for your prayers for us as we go through this process and for the health of our future child.


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