Today’s Update

10 Oct

Praise the Lord!  We have been given a very generous donation by a good friend of mine.  This donation will help to cover the expenses of our homestudy which we are trying to finish right now so we can submit our paperwork to the U.S. Immigration.  We are also continuing to work on paperwork for our dossier to be filed ultimately in Russia. 

Today, I had my physical and learned that I really do need to get my eyes checked (I’ve put it off for the last few years).  SO I have an appointment for an eye examination on Friday. 

Today, we also have our home inspection by our social worker.  According to her agency, she has begun writing our homestudy.  Our homestudy cannot be finished until Alan’s vaccination records are located, our physicals are complete, and we have been fingerprinted.

Please continue praying for the health of our child.  Pray also that we will be able to quickly finish all our paperwork so that our file can be submitted for the referal of a child in Russia.


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