Homestudy Interview 1 & 2

4 Oct

We met our social worker from Childplace yesterday.  She spent about 45 minutes interviewing each of us separately.  I felt like I was basically babbling about my life.  Questions covered our family life, parents, siblings, school years, etc.  It wasn’t that bad at all.  We have scheduled our joint interview, which does seem scarier,for next week.  We also scheduled our home inspection for next week.  We are trying to get this homestudy finished (visits and paperwork on our part) by the time my 2 week break is over.  We will discuss things like discipline at our joint interview.  To finish our homestudy, we each have to have physicals and get fingerprinted. 

We are trying to start work on our Russia dossier. It is scary business in that it involves soooo much!  Pray for us as we do our dossier…that we will have clarity and not confusion and that it can all be finished quickly so we can get it  apostilled, translated, and filed in Russia!

 Our adoption agency posts an update on the countries in which they facilitate adoption on Fridays.   Check out and the updates section to learn more…


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