The Adoption Journey Begins…

30 Sep

We begin our homestudy on Wednesday.  We have to doublecheck on Russia’s requirements.   Our homestudy agency thought they could do 2 separate one-on-one interviews with each of us Wednesday.  However, something in our big packet of info. from America World made us think that it might not meet Russia’s requirements.  We are also trying to figure out whether we need to get some requirements for our homestudy met which will also work for the dossier for Russia.  Everything for Russia will have to be notarized and apostilled, a total foreign concept which you will hear us talk more about as we continue this process. 

I have 2 book shows scheduled and hope to get other leads for selling Usborne books.  This is our major thrust right now for fundraising, though we will certainly pursue others as need be.  We can’t apply for grants right now because our homestudy is not finished.  Once it is, I will definitely try my hand at applying for some of the grants for international adoption which I’ve read about.

We were added to America World’s yahoo group for Russian adoptions this week, and this has helped to put us in touch with even more couples who have adopted (or are in the process of) from Russia.  It will be a great resource for us as we continue this journey. 

For the record, we have many many happy stories of Russian adoptions which we have learned.  There is a risk with adoption both internationally and domestically and we certainly acknowledge that.  We also will do our research and work with our agency to better inform ourselves about adoption.  However, there are also risks with having a biological child.  There are never guarantees when it comes to the health of a child, even if it has grown for 9 months in you.    We would  never go up to a pregnant woman and ask her if she has considered her baby’s risk for Down’s syndrome or autism, would we?  I certainly hope not!  We would appreciate you not asking us similar things or sharing “nightmare” stories of adoption.  Please pray for the health of our child(ren) and rejoice with us just like you would if I were carrying a child in my womb.  We are well aware of the risks that come with becoming parents of any child and we do not benefit from additional negativity in our lives.  We are trying to trust in God’s divine plan for our family.  He is worthy of our trust and we choose to lean on Him, rather than succumb to pessimism.  We feel called to follow His plan and know that He will be glorified through our family in manifold ways.


One Response to “The Adoption Journey Begins…”

  1. Kate October 1, 2007 at 2:24 pm #

    Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!
    I’ll share your news with the girls.

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